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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Make money with old photos on your hard drive!


Hope you are okay!

This is not some "junk mail", so please read on...

I'm with ImageBrief and thought you should check it out. It's where professional photographers sell their images direct to the world's largest ad agencies, brands and publishers.

BUT, you don't need to be a pro. You don't even need to try to think which of your photos would sell!

I bet you got hundreds, if not thousands like me :-)  , of photos on your computer hard drive - snaphots of dogs or horses, holiday pics, etc, etc.

You will get a 'brief' or request, of particular types of photos. You just scratch your head for a moment, think what photos you have that match the brief, upload it, and that's it!

Did I forget to mention?: They pay handsomely!

Yes, they can pay up to $10k just one photo!!

Not bad for a photo you may have lying around somewhere on your computer...

Of course you can also opt to go and take the all important photo that they are asking for if you haven't already got it.

I sincerely recommend this as a way of making a few extra 'bob'...

Take care


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