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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Photography Business Quick Steps

I actually have more than one piece of good news for you 

Good thing number one: Below you'll find YOUR link to the NEW Photography Business Quick Steps.

It's designed to assist struggling photographers get up and running with 'some kind' of photography business. I said 'some kind' because they will be releasing twelve different choices for you to get into fast. One new photography business category each month.

In some cases you can be up and running in two weeks.

In addition, they've decided to include several bonuses to help you make up your mind.

Now, that's pretty good news but the second thing I have to tell you really kinda' drives it all home.

Good thing number two: To add value to this entire venture (not just the launch) they will be providing FREE photography bonuses each month. A different bonus each month!

Most of the free bonuses are from well known photography trainers and coaches who you will probably already know. I'm impressed they are making such a valued contribution and you will be too once you experience all this extra information.

Here's the link -
Start A Photography Business

If it gets too popular (and causes havoc) they might need to close it down to let the dust settle!

...make it happen,
P.S. In case you just scrolled down to the PS, here's the deal:
**Photography Business Quick Steps is NOW available.
Only buy it if you can use it (it's pretty cheap anyway).
This offer isn't short of bonuses, good valuable bonuses - in fact you would even do this for all the great bonuses alone.
Anyway, here's your link to the sign-up page:

Start A Photography Business
So you might be wondering why I did this.
I've learned that there are many photographers who truly love what they do, are good at it and should be given the chance to earn a crust from it.
All this stuff you are about to learn has been done before but it's not taught very often - if it ever is. 
If this is what you want to do, then you should give this a shot - you really have nothing to lose.
And I think that if you use it, you'll love it too.
Here's the fancy-pants link again to sign up (complete with dollar bills!)

Click Here!

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Worried about photo papers?

I love taking pictures. Whenever I’m on a great hike, vacation or a momentous celebration, I take pictures. Whenever there are strange events and phenomena, I see to it that my camera’s around to help me preserve the moment by taking pictures.

You can never repeat precious moments because they are laid to you just but once. Thus, when you want to treasure these moments, better have a camera with you all the time. I also have my personal photo lab to secure good pictures instantly.

Before, I worried about photo papers. Some do not display my pictures crisp and bright. It is frustrating if your photo papers do not do justice to your hard-obtained pictures.

Photo papers are supposed to complement your pictures and not ruin its quality. In order to avoid photo papers from spoiling my masterpieces, I have gathered several pointers in choosing the suitable photo papers. 

Here they are:

1. Consider your photo needs. Photo papers come in a wide variety. They have different thicknesses, finish, size and quality. Hence, you have to know the particular needs of your photographs before using any of the variety.

2. Thickness alert. A tiny photo print need not be too thick. This is because it needs less support than huge photographs. If you are into poster-like pictures, better have them thick to protect them better. Thicker photo papers protect the material from pricks, folds and tear.

3. The right size. You can choose from a wide variety of photo paper sizes available. Studio-quality shots are nice in a 13” x 19” size. Panoramic views like sunsets, landscapes and seascapes are stunningly great in 4” x 12” photo paper. However, the mostly used size is 4” x 6” paper which is ideal for photo albums.

4. Suitable finish. Finishes includes matte to extra glossy photo papers. Matte has rich textures and ignores finger prints. Glossy photo paper, on the other hand, creates vibrant and lively colors. However, it does not resist finger prints.

5. Always do preliminary testing. This is to avoid wastage of ink and photo paper. You can also rely more on paper from established photo paper manufacturers. They have built their credibility for a long time, that’s one thing that counts.

Say bye bye to your worries…