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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

My favorite photos are always...‏


I don't know about you, but without doubt my favorite
photos are always those from my vacations!

Not because they are better quality, many times they are
not, but simply because they remind me of the fun and great
experiences I had travelling and vacationing with friends
and family.

And at the end of the day isn't that the real purpose of
photos for most of us, to capture treasured moments?

If you're anything like me, and you love travelling and
taking vacations, and taking lots of photos, then you'll
love what I am about to share with you...

Do you love traveling too?

I do, but the big problem with traveling (or just plain
taking an extra vacation) though is the cost.

Unless you know how to budget-travel "like a pro" then it
can cost you an arm and a leg to go discovering the world
(or just take your family away for a break!)

Until now that is...

Let me introduce you to Brad Alexzander
(the budget travel expert)

Brad is a genuine *budget travel* pro.

In fact I have never met anyone who knows how to travel
quite like Brad. For years he has been showing people how to
get great deals (sometimes unbelievable deals) on flights,
hotels, cruises etc etc...

Learn 15 Budget Travel Tips Right Now...

Right now you can grab a free copy of 15 of Brad's top
budget travel tips (taken directly from his awesome "Budget
Travel Guide") from this link:

These 15 powerful Budget Travel tips can easily save you
anywhere from 50% to over 80% off your flights!

They are extremely easy to apply, and are guaranteed to save
you money. Here's what you'll learn:

- the best days and times to book flights so you can save
big on airfare (pages 5-6)

- which website alerts you when the price of your ticket
drops (page 6)

- how to save on children's airfare (page 7)

- how small changes in your itinerary can make big cuts on
your costs (page 7)

- who can get discounted airline tickets - it could be you!
(page 8)

...and much more!

Go ahead and claim your copy of these tips right now:

With Brad's budget travel information you may well be doing
more travel than you thought this year, and spending MUCH


Krister Laitinen

PS: Don't forget to take loads of photos! Here's the link
again for your free 15 budget travel tips:

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