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Thursday, 22 January 2009

"Waste-Of-Time" Digital Photography "tuitions"

Did you know that a simple Google search will reveal a massive industry of Digital Photography "tuitions"...

...which contains courses, manuals, DVD's and 3 day classes etc. where you can EASILY spend $1000's or more to learn Photography.

The Photography tuition industry is in fact so big that sales revenue from it is in fact larger than the revenue from the sales of Digital Cameras itself! And you know what else...?

It is NOT in most "Photography Guru's" best financial interests to produce courses that show you how to quickly and easily master the basics of Digital Photography (eventhough that is EXACTLY what 99% of newbies want and need)...

...If they did they would most certainly "kill their own Golden Goose" because you wouldn't need to spend hundreds of dollars on the rest of their training DVD's.

Most Digital Photography training material leaves you feeling even more "overwhelmed" after you've been through it than before! This is a deliberate ploy, so that you'll order EVEN MORE training material.

So they are basically a complete WASTE OF MONEY!
And this is the "dirty little secret" they don't want you to know and why you won't find other courses like "Your Guide To Digital Photography!"
In it Dan Feildman shows you how to become a competent and confident Digital Photographer user with just 10 minutes a day. And for a fraction of the cost of other alternatives.

You'll learn all the shortcut insider secrets that other people will take 20 hours of DVD's and $300 or more to show you.

Want proof? (You should!) Then read this:

"I came by chance on to your website, and i'm delighted. I have bought "Your Guide To Digital Photography" and all of the extras you offer which are simply amazing.

I've search the web for lots of help but I didn't find anything which could help me, as I'm 75 year-old, (a young75 that is) and very keen to accomplish some degree of success with digital photography.

Yes I don't learn as quick as I once did, but Dan covers everything you need to know.

I want to congratulate you on your teaching methods.

"Simply Brillant".

Without a doubt, I have learned more about the basics of Digital Photography with your method in a short space of time, than I would have been able to do with anything else.

Since buying your programme it has been extremely rewarding for me and I want to thank you for giving me a renewed desire to continue learning and producing great photographs... "

Robert Albert. (Smithrobertalbertsmith456(AT)


"Your Guide To Digital Photography" was designed specifically to get new users extremely competent in Photography in the shortest time possible.

"Your Guide To Digital Photography!" is the epitome of this philosophy. There is no unnecessary "fluff" or time wasted on actions you may NEVER use.

You will learn the most important and most useful Digital Photography tasks which the pro's don't tell you about. There is NOTHING out there that focuses on this like they do. Why?

Because Dan has been in this position himself when he first started and he knows how frustrated, intimidated or overwhelming Digital Photography is for a newbie.

Follow this link to learn more:

If you want to get proficient Digital Photography in record time then there is NOTHING out there better than "Your Guide To Digital Photography!"

It's really simple to use and follow, and all about you having fun with your Digital Camera as soon as possible. GO AHEAD...

...Give it a try today. If you aren't overjoyed with "Your Guide To Digital Photography" or your results, let Dan know and he'll let you keep EVERYTHING for free. (Including the $117 worth of bonuses).

Follow this link to see exactly what you get and why it's the perfect choice for Digital Photography Newbies:

Regards, Krister.

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