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Thursday, 31 March 2011

25% off the Captivating Color eBook!

A week ago today dPS launched a brand new eBook - Captivating Color: A Guide to Dramatic Color Photography.
The reviews and feedback from readers have been fantastic and so to celebrate the release of the eBook we've decided to run a little competition to give away a brand new iPad 2 to one lucky buyer of the eBook.
Win an iPad
We thought it'd be a great prize as our PDF eBooks are readable on iPads (you just upload them to your computer and then drag it into iBooks via iTunes) plus they're fun for photographers with the growing range of photography Apps and new cameras.
If you buy Captivating Color before 9am next Tuesday (Melbourne Time) you'll be in the running to win a 16GB iPad 2 (you can choose which color) worth just under $500.
If you are one of the thousands who have already bought the eBook you're already in the draw. This is open to people world wide to enter - we'll ship the iPad anywhere.
Here's the Offer
Also to keep things neat we're going to extend the 25% discount and bonus eBook giveaway until Tuesday also. So all in all you get:
  1. 25% off the Captivating Color eBook - worth $19.99 for just $14.99
  2. A Bonus eBook - Seeing the Light - worth $12 (but free with this purchase)
  3. An Entry into the iPad 2 giveaway
As this email goes out you have less than 7 days to take advantage of this deal - so don't hesitate and pick up your copy of Captivating Color today here.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Charity Photo Auctions in aid of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund

On 11th March 2011, the Japanese coast was hit by a massive tsunami after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake, leaving many dead and many more homeless.

Many photographers have agreed to submit high quality photos to be auctioned to and to give 100% of the proceeds to theJapan Earthquake Tsunami Relief Fund organised by the GlobalGiving Foundation.

This project will disburse funds to organizations providing relief and emergency services to victims of the earthquake and tsunami. GlobalGiving is working with International Medical Corps, Save the Children, and other organizations on the ground.

So, please consider donating a print to the sale. 


Monday, 21 March 2011

Captivating Color - A Guide to Dramatic Color Photography

Mitchell Kanashkevich is a tirelessly curious world  wanderer and a travel/documentary photographer. His main passion lies in capturing disappearing ancient cultures and the human condition in unique, challenging situations.
His range of subjects is fairly broad, but whether he is photographing nomadic shepherds in India, life in the last traditional villages of Eastern Europe or sulfur miners working in a volcanic crater, Mitchell's common aim is always the same - to capture the human element.
Mitchell does freelance work and shoots documentary photo stories and write eBooks, mostly in collaboration with “Craft & Vision” as well as “Digital Photo School”. In just a day or two he will be launching his new e-book by the name of                             
Captivating Color –  A Guide to Dramatic 
Color  Photography
Please look out for my next post for this exclusive and fascinating book.
Much of Mitcell's travel/documentary photography is represented by Getty Images, while his cultural portraits, both colour and black and white are in the private collections of photo lovers and collectors worldwide. So expect to  learn some very useful tips from this great photographer.
You can check out his portfolio at